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Qurrat-u-A’ayun was founded in 2008 by a group of parents who saw the need for a high quality and affordable Islamic preschool option in Lusaka. In four years the school has matured from a small, parent-run playgroup to a fully staffed and licensed non-profit organization . Qurrat-u-A’ayun Islamic Pre-school is part of an innovative direction in early childhood education. Our goal is to provide an excellent and well resourced Islamic school designed for toddlers 2 ½ to 5 years old.

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of all children – ethnically, racially, linguistically and developmentally. Our excellent staff- to-child ratio is a vital factor in our success. We have a highly motivated team committed to providing your child with valuable learning memories.

Since its beginning, the school has provided a rich and rigorous curriculum within the framework of Islamic beliefs. Children are capable of amazing things when they are inspired by genuine curiosity. At our school there is a structure to our day, a structure to our curriculum and a structure for classroom management. This provides our children a sense of comfort and confidence through consistency.

Finally, we understand the significance of our responsibility as a pre-school and know how difficult it may be for you to entrust the care of your child to others. Our aim is for you to have total peace of mind each time you leave them in our care.